Workshop in Athens, Greece, March 4th 2018

This is the sign-up for Untwine workshop in Athens, Greece, on March 4th 2018

It will be in English and translated into Greek, and will last one day, from 10am to 12pm, and 1:30pm to 5pm.

The first half will be basic information on origins of creation, relationship with Source, creation of various planes, what etheric/astral etc correspond to, and how this relates to manifestation process, doing our mission on Earth, and our relationship and reconnection with the Higher Self

The second half will be focused on practice, learning strong energy techniques for preparation before Ascension work, re-establishing a more direct connection with the Soul, and doing purification work. Please be aware that some of these techniques can be intense and require some dedication, as they can trigger profound positive changes.

Exact details of what is shared at the workshop is subject to change.

Number of participants limited to 100. All who genuinely seek the Light of Source are welcome.

Exact address of the workshop will be given to participants after signing up.

You can also pay cash when you arrive, in this case, to reserve your seat please email [email protected]

Victory of the Light

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