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Workshop in Nara Japan - 9-10 February 2018

After signing up you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Details about exact workshop location will be sent later by email. For any questions please email :

Saturday 9th February :

Morning :

10am start - Opening Intentions & Meditation

Welcome and Group Greeting from the Heart

Meditation - Recognizing the Inner Presence of the Soul/Spirit

Moving the Body with Awareness and Soul Presence

Human Connection with Awareness - Eye Gazing, Group Hug, etc

Planes of Creation (etheric, astral, etc) - How they work and their purpose

Inner Heart Meditation - Heart Opening, Living from the Heart


Afternoon :

Energy Catharsis and Kundalini Awakening

Energy Release Exercises

Clearing the Inner Personal Lie Exercise

Group Breathwork

Practicing Self-Love

Rainbow Spiral Dance

Ends at 6pm

Sunday 10th February :

Morning :

10am start - Opening Intention & Meditation

Greeting from the Heart Group exercise

Inner Presence of the Soul Exercise

Manifestation Process and Setting Intentions

Mirror Effect of Negative Experiences & Protection Techniques

Energy Release Exercises

Human Connection from the Soul


Afternoon :

Deprogramming Relationships & Sexuality

Holding Loving Space For Each Other

Paradox Reality and Inner Discipline

Self Love Practice - Qi Gong

Rose to Rose Group Meditation

Rainbow Ocean Group Meditation

Ends at 6pm

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